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Quick Start

There are three activities that need to be completed to get your first server and site up and running.  For this document we’ll assume that you’re using DigitalOcean as your server provider.  If you’re using a different provider just replace “DigitalOcean” with them in these quick-start instructions.

Get and install your Digital Ocean API key

  1. Make sure you have at least one SSH key pair installed at DigitalOcean
    1. Need an SSH key pair?  Learn how to create one here.
    2. It is very important that you do this BEFORE you proceed to the next step.  The reason is that once you add your cloud server provider’s API key to your settings, it will attempt to retrieve your SSH keys and it will cache them.  If you then proceed to change or add new keys, you will need to wait until the cache times out (around 15 minutes) before you’ll be able to see the new keys.
  2. Create an API key at Digital Ocean
  3. Go to the settings screen under the Server & Sites menu option on your FireupWP Dashboard
  4. Click on the CLOUD PROVIDERS tab and fill out the API Key and save.
  5. Select your SSH key in the dropdown under the SSH Keys section.
  6. Add the private key portion to the PRIVATE SSH KEY box  (View important notes about private ssh keys.)
  7. Add your private key password if any.
  8. Save the settings

To create your first server

  1. Go to the SERVERS & SITES->ALL CLOUD SERVERS menu option on your FireupWP Dashboard
  2. Click the DEPLOY A NEW WORDPRESS SERVER at the top of the screen.

To create your first site

  1. Go to the SERVERS & SITES->APPLICATIONS menu option on your FireupWP Dashboard
  2. Click the INSTALL WORDPRESS button in the Server Actions column.

Additional Resources

Check out our Beginner’s Guide To Creating and Running WordPress Servers – scroll down to the GETTING STARTED section.



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